Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making Progress & (not) Measuring It

I definitely feel I'm making lots of progress now. It is funny how painstaking studies bring out the small things you've missed all the while. But even more interesting is the amount of studies I've done since I started teaching the GRE. It has become one of the turning points in my GMAT story (feeling very good about my chances of getting a better score).

I've been taking lots of review tests and I'm doing quite well.

Funny enough, what I've always been missing are what I now call the basics of GMAT. Like the Pythagoraen triples; 3:4:5, 5:12:13, the '2' types of Right Triangles; 1:1:sqrt2, 1:2:sqrt3.

You need to know these basics intimately and should be able to see them in whatever guise they come to ace the GMAT.

Back to my reviews. I've seen tremendous improvement and I personally think a GMAT question is termed difficult if you have to rely on about 2 or more skills to solve the problem in question.

Pretty soon I'll start documenting my progress and keep an error log and plot things and fairly estimate my chances. I feel good about my chances of gaining another 100 points on the GMAT though.

Wish me luck and godspeed!

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