Sunday, October 10, 2010

No GMAT in Ghana? Not again SiliconPro

I just got an SOS call from a friend that he couldn’t find a test centre in Ghana to take the GMAT. I thought that was odd, because a few weeks back another friend took the GMAT at SiliconPro (the only test centre in Ghana for many years).

I only hoped it wasn’t true.

Same thing happened last year:

- I met a lady at a Columbia MBA session in Accra whose scheduled test date had been canceled because SiliconPro had shut down for renovation.

- I know a couple of people who took the GRE in place of the GMAT (because some b-schools had started accepting the both GRE and the GMAT)

- There were a few of us who visited neighbouring countries to take the test. I took mine in Nigeria. It is very stressful testing in another country.

So I checked up the GMAT registration site hoping my friend was wrong, only to find out that Ghana has no test centre for the GMAT.

I’m really wondering what excuse Silicon Pro has this time around.

I hope it is just a routine server update/maintenance issue. (SiliconPro website says it is under maintenance)

Watch this space for updates!!


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