Monday, September 27, 2010

Late Night Studies

My eyes are really bleeding at this point.
My friend from work, former workplace, came through to do an all nighter.
It started well. We got distracted. The lights went out. Wireless went off. Lights came back.
Time was running, excess stress from work was taking over, eyes were heavy...Darn this cycle of day. Taking an hour, errrm, 4hr sleep and wake up refreshed. Sleeping on the floor. Great way to get some sleep but not so caught up in the sleep. Trench time on the war front.

Nice way to go...Up at 4am...Angles, Triangles, Right Triangles (1:1:2^1/2) and 3:4:5.....what? Pythagoras Theorem hasn't changed since I last saw it. Thank Goodness....Sleep wasn't enough. I think there is accumulated stress from all grueling weekends. Forget it. Got to go back to sleep.

My eyes are really bleeding at this point but needed to squeeze in this post....2hrs of eyes falling out studies. GMAT 2010/ MBA 2011 here we come.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


By all means write the GRE if you can memorize words, their synonyms and antonyms and can juggle your numbers fairly.
The GMAT is for you if you are highly analytical. Even the Verbal test needs an analytical mind.

I want to write the GRE on the back of the teaching I'm doing now, but I have to know about 500 words.

I want to re-write the GMAT but Probabilities, Rates and Counting are beating me down. Does it matter that the second time I took the test I gained a 100 points?

If only I could gain another 100 points on the GMAT!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How am I going to improve on my old score

I am tempted to talk about my old score but want it to remain in the woodworks until i get a better score and then compare the pre-GMAT experiences and all.

Honestly, I'm still not studying the way I should. Who am I deceiving, I'm not even studying for the test I plan on taking.

My complacent keeps telling me that I'm doing okay; after all, I'm teaching the GRE with relative ease.

But I'm taking notes of my weaknesses (as I remember them to be from when I last took the GMAT). My Probability, Series and Sequences and Rates are what I need to work on.

Just wish me a 'study well' after you read this.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why I didn't go to school this year

Everyone who knew I had gotten into graduate school was so happy for me.
Thanks for sharing in my joy!!

But I didn't go to school as planned, so you'll have to deal with me for another year.
I'll be easy to live with this time around.

I'm contemplating whether to re-take the GMAT or not.
Damn the GMAT!! And I'm not even talking about the $250 I have to pay.

If I got some tuition scholarship with my old GMAT score, do I aim for a higher score and more funding?

The hours, Hours, HOURS of studying and pacing myself and logging errors and reviewing the errors is hard!!!

But there is B-SCHOOL to go to.

Let's go for it!!