Monday, September 27, 2010

Late Night Studies

My eyes are really bleeding at this point.
My friend from work, former workplace, came through to do an all nighter.
It started well. We got distracted. The lights went out. Wireless went off. Lights came back.
Time was running, excess stress from work was taking over, eyes were heavy...Darn this cycle of day. Taking an hour, errrm, 4hr sleep and wake up refreshed. Sleeping on the floor. Great way to get some sleep but not so caught up in the sleep. Trench time on the war front.

Nice way to go...Up at 4am...Angles, Triangles, Right Triangles (1:1:2^1/2) and 3:4:5.....what? Pythagoras Theorem hasn't changed since I last saw it. Thank Goodness....Sleep wasn't enough. I think there is accumulated stress from all grueling weekends. Forget it. Got to go back to sleep.

My eyes are really bleeding at this point but needed to squeeze in this post....2hrs of eyes falling out studies. GMAT 2010/ MBA 2011 here we come.

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