Sunday, October 10, 2010

1st Round of Applications - Olin, Terry and Sloan?

I've been getting (un)solicited mails from these schools. Actually I visited their websites some time back and now I'm reaping the results of it. Getting their mails and attention and I'm already under pressure to start applying as they keep reminding me that 1st round of applications are ending soon (Oct 15 for most)
I'll be damned if I let this round pass me. I am still competitive with my profile.

3 things working for me.

1. I'm Ghanaian /African (note, very few African apply to business schools - special species)
2. My 6## score from last time is still competitive, all things considered
3. I have some great work experiences that show demonstrated leadership.

Ps. these MBA programs are cute because they all have a name like MIT's MBA program is called Sloan MBA.

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